Page cannot be found.

Page cannot be found.

Those are four words you don't want to see displayed together when you're trying to access your site. Now, imagine me - I was trying to access this site during an interview. 

Page cannot be found.

Page cannot be found.

I tried from another device. Still, "Page cannot be found."

Two [!@#$%^&*] days later, after simultaneously stressing out and troubleshooting with tech support teams for hours on end - I'm back. 

And so, to celebrate and share in this reconciliation with my site, back from its journey through an Internet vortex, this inaugural blog post champions in, and a good many other ways to communicate. 

In classic "everything happens for a reason" fashion, this system meltdown has turned out to be a wakeup call and realization that it's essential for me to develop some proper printed materials for myself ASAP.

So, I've been defining some specs, ordered me some nice envelopes and papers, and I'm organizing and laying out the goods for a bound hardcopy of my portfolio ....and having fun taking stuff into offline and print media!  

I graduated from Miami Ad School during its "green" days and I think I have some serious pent-up frustrations from lack of printing. I just LOVE paper and StUfF ~ all kinds of STUFF! I LOVE the Internet, but it's certainly not the entire enchilada. I anticipate this is just the first printed portfolio from me... In fact, I guarantee it. 

... And more to come in the way of blogging, too ;) 

Check back in with me soon, comment below, or send me a message!